Cherokee Driving School TEA # C3349 is now authorized by DPS to administer the driving test. At any time, DPS has the right to re-administer the driving test at their discretion. Cherokee Driving School does not guarantee the student will pass the driving test.

    The driving test includes two opportunities to pass.
    If the driving test is failed, a $40 fee is required to re-test.

    1. If the student does not show up, is late (more than 10 min.) to their appointment, or there are any missing documents, the opportunity will be counted as incomplete. The student will have only ONE remaining opportunity to re-test before paying the $40 fee.
    2. To cancel or re-schedule a driving test, students must call the office or leave a voice message 24 hours before their scheduled test. Unless it's an emergency (proof will be required). Failure to do so will result in the opportunity counting as incomplete.


    DE-964 Certificate of Completion for Phase II
    Valid Learner's Permit
    Valid Impact Texas Driver
    Video Certificate
    Payment Receipt

    Students must submit the following documents to DPS:
    VOE-Verification of Enrollment
    (only valid for 30 days)
    Completed 30 - hour log.


    Valid Learner's Permit (obtained at DPS)
    Valid Impact Texas Driver
    Video Certificate
    Payment Receipt

    Cherokee Driving School reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.